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Unfortunately we are closed due to Covid-19. We hope all our clients stay safe and well.  

Welcome and thank you thank you for visiting our page. Myself, Anne and Millie are the familiar faces you will encounter most along with my daughter Hannah and on occasions Thomas joins us too.

A little bit about us… from a young age I have been loved animals and over the years have had many pets. Hannah is my mini me and just as passionate about anything hairy, furry, fluffy or feathered. Today our pets are Millie, Ron & Mo our Budgies, Jess our pony and Isla, who is my parents dog is here with us lots too - click on their wee profiles for some fun info on them.  My husband Thomas is a firm favourite with all the dogs and they soon learn he is the big softie of the house will share food, move seats and is good for belly rubs! 


Jess is our pony. She is a wee Irish sports pony who is fast and cheeky. She has been with us for 3 years.  She loves popping over jumps with Hannah or racing round the field.

Her favourite thing though is really food and treats. 

Always loved ponies and horse and finally have our own, I dont really ride anymore although have ventured out down the road for a wee hack or two, I leave Hannah to do the fun fast stuff with her.

Ron & Mo

Ron has been with us for almost 10 years. Another wee rescue, we think he is around 11 or 12. 

Mo came to us from th SSPCA and has happily settled with Ron, she loves him but he isnt quite so fond of her.  She loves being near him and has settled well. Mo is quite young and is a little nuts, she loves flyng around the room when out of her cage.  She is becoming more used to us and will sit on Hannah's head quite happily now and occasionally Thomas's head too!

Millie joined our family in 2012 as pup. She is  Wheaten Terrier and is pack leader on our walks. Her favourites things are of course walkies, snacks and sleeping. Don't let her fool you she may have a long fringe but she misses NOTHING!! She is mummy to 9 puppies. What fun we had with puppy wacky races and puppy cuddles.


Little Isla is my parents West Highland Terrier.  She had a hard start to life raising pups in a puppy mill and was a sad girl when she came home to us. She had never lived in a house or had a walk  and was very thin and lost lots of her hair.  She now is a pampered pooch sitting for treats and just adores Millie.  It has taken her a while to settle and trust and we all are so pleased to see her become a happy little dog gaining her confidence.


For as long as I can remember I have always been daft about animals and wanted to work with them.  Now I can finally say I have the best job.  The dogs that join us at Fresh Ayr Walkies are not clients dogs, they are my pack and they are very much loved and adored by us. We look after them as if they were our own, and am grateful that many clients I now consider to be friends. I dont consider this to be work, I consider my job a privilige and a pleasure- even on the wettest day!! As Hannah says you cant really call cuddling and having fun with dogs work.


In 2015 Millie gave birth to the most gorgeous litter of puppies. Thanks to a wonderful breeder and friend who guided us through a smooth pregnancy we had 7 healthy puppies. In 2018 she had another 2 beautiful puppies. The joy they brought was immense however hard they were to clean up and look after. Puppy wacky races were just hilarious. 

When Millie was a puppy we had a dog walker who she adored for our busy days. She stayed with him too when we went on holiday. We were very grateful that she was with someone she loved and was so well looked after.  With Fresh Ayr Walkies we hope our dogs feel the same. We try to provide a relaxed environment where they feel safe and at home. We have a large garden for them to explore and fabuluous walks on our doorstep.  We decided not to have a van but a large airy car with restraints and a big hammock in the back seat for the smaller dogs. We dont have livery on the car by choice so not to promote our business for your saftey and security.

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